Tyranny of Dragons


Jack.jpg Jack has lived the life of a bandit since he was a small child. An old woodsman taught him the ways of the hunt and Jack learned to tap into the primordial powers of the natural world. Guided by a book of ancient and exalted deeds, Jack has joined a group of noble adventurers to thwart the Cultists of the Black Egg…because that is what good people do, right?
leshanna2.jpg Leshanna was raised by the knights and monks of Bastion, all devoted servants of Bahamut. Recently her dreams have been plagued by terrifying visions of destruction brought about by shadowy dragons. Coinciding with these dreams was the departure of her friend Leosin who was investigating a series of raids. After the reluctant blessing of her protectors, she has joined a small group of people travelling to Greenest to find Leosin. She also longs to learn more about her own history by finding her lost parents.
Nightsong.jpg Mirelan Nightsong was an entertainer with a bright future until fate intervened, dragging him to a life of necromantic studies at the Academy. When rumours began circulating about a cabal of wizards who had allied with the Cult of the Black Egg in order to destroy the Archmage, select students known for their loyalty were chosen to hunt down the truth. Teleported away to Bastion with a newly minted Silver Claw protector, Mirelan is following up a lead about raiders who have been attacking towns throughout the heartlands.
Thava.jpg Thava has made some poor choices in her life and joining the Cult was one of them. When she decided that enough was enough, the Cult killed her family and came after her. Seeking allies in Sandport, she found sanctuary at the Academy where she brought them information about what she knew about the Black Covenant. Hastily signed up to the Silver Claw guard, she has embarked on a new mission for the Archmage – uncover the full plans of the Cult. She also has a personal mission – a list of names burned into her mind and a strong desire to cross them out.

Raiders have been attacking towns along the east coast of Talarna. Suspicions are growing that these attacks are not just random acts of chaos and terror, but are in fact part of some grand plan by the Cult of the Black Egg. Now a group of adventurers have been sent to investigate the raids and uncover the ultimate plan of the Cult.

The story so far…

  • Hoard of the Dragon Queen
    • Part 1 – Greenest in Flames: The travelling companions left Bastion, heading towards Greenest in search of raiders that have been plundering the east coast. When they arrived, they found the town under-attack by draconic forces. Through the night they fought the raiders in a series of skirmishes, winning the admiration of the town’s people. Whilst many townsfolk were rescued, nearly all of the town’s precious goods were carried away by the raiders.
    • Part 2 – Raider’s Camp: With only a couple hours of rest, Governor Nighthill asked the band to follow the trail of the raiders in order to discover their identities and their future plans. Overcoming a group of stragglers and a rear-guard, they then attempted to bluff their way into the camp, however the guards grew suspicious when the web of lies fell apart. They were disarmed and escorted to the prisoners tent where they freed themselves and the prisoners and silently scaled the cliff-side to freedom. Through the night they marched and returned to Greenest heroes once again.
    • Part 3 – Dragon Hatchery: With Leosin’s return, some of the questions about the raiders were answered. However, what was occurring in the caves at the camp was still a mystery. The group returned to the camp only to find it abandoned. However, the dragon hatchery was not and the mighty Cyanwrath brought down the party once again. Marryneck was slain whilst Thava and Mirelan were captured. A daring rescue was undertaken by Leshanna and Jack which managed to free the companions and make new friend. However, Mondath and Cyanwrath still live and are heading east to join up with the main raider force and the treasure they have stolen.
    • Part 4 – On the Road: The companions headed north to Elturel to meet up with Leosin. After enjoying a few days of festivities, the group sailed down the River Waukeen to Balder’s Gap with hope of intercepting the raider’s wagons which they anticipated were heading north along the Sokaran coast to Sandport. Disguising themselves as guards, they were hired onto the caravan, spending three long months with the wagons, following the treasure and the cultists north.
    • Part 5 – Construction Ahead: The group arrived in Sandport but could only stay a couple of days before the cultist’s wagons once again set off northwards. Once again joining the caravan as guards, they journeyed to Carnath Roadhouse where the cargo was unloaded into one of the warehouses. Further investigation revealed a secret passage which the group followed into the Dead Marshes. Dodging bogard and lizardman patrols, they travelled a couple of days into the inhospitable swamp, the treasure of Greenest always just ahead of them.
    • Part 6 – Castle Naerytar: A castle with a tower capped with Kailini glass lay deep in the marsh. Hundreds of lizardfolk and Boggards camped outside the walls. Disguised and invisible, the group managed to infiltrate the castle and discover that Rezimer had retreated through a portal somewhere underground. Fighting a withdraw deep underground, our heroes managed to grab some crates of treasure before using the portal to escape to…somewhere?
    • Part 7 – Hunting Lodge: Teleported hundreds of miles away, our heroes regrouped (literally and figuratively) and decided to investigate (attack) a hunting lodge nearby the portal stones. They managed to kill a handful of kobolds and trolls before having to retreat inside a rope trick. Torinn was captured during the initial foray. Their second attack liberated White Thava and the lodge from the cults hands. Rezimer was nowhere to be found and after a brief rest, the group travelled to Parneck, some five miles away in hope of finally tracking down their enemy and the raider’s gold.
    • Part 8 – Castle in the Clouds:

Tyranny of Dragons

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