City of the Spider Queen


Eona.jpg Eona is a drow merchant; No a lady of luxury; No a beggar from the docks. The truth is the Eona is all of these and nothing. After her family was torn apart by a drow raid and then betrayed by their “friends,” Eona survived through instinct and adaption. Whilst she is many things (and many people), she is ultimately a truth seeker… searching answers in the darkness below.
Morgran_Ironfist.jpg Morgran drowned her nightmares in strong liquor after the drow came and took her family away fifteen years ago. It took the rallying scream of a God to pull her from the depths of despair. Since listening to Tempus’s call to arms, Morgran has travelled the world, drinking her fill of ale and delivering her God’s mercy via the blunt end of her hammer.
Leith.jpg Leith has long hunted the forests of the north, preying upon the Orc King’s minions. However a decade ago, the hunter became the prey when a drow slaver party caught Leith unawares. Were not for the timely intervention of Eona (who had infiltrated the band), then Leith’s story of revenge against the orc nation would have come to a sorry end. Now he rides with Eona back to her homeland because of their friendship and the unspoken debt between them.
Beren.jpg Beren has a thirst for knowledge that cannot be quenched by books and dusty scrolls alone. He trusts few others to record the details of an ancient ruin or musty tomb; he knows that his own keen intellect and observational skills are far superior than the average adventurer or aging scholar. After meeting Eona and her friends, he found the perfect companions to allow him to get up close and personal with ancient secrets whilst also keeping him safe from dangerous monsters.

Fifteen years ago, a series of Drow raids destroyed the lives of many in the Tapped Hills. Now the Drow have returned and a call has gone out for help. Eona and Mogran are ready to return to their former homeland and with powerful allies at their side, end the Drow threat once and for all.

The story so far…

  • Episode 1 – Spinning the web
    • Part 1 – The Truesilver Crypts: The companions tracked the drow raiders back to an old crypt and have began exploring inside.

City of the Spider Queen

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