Mirelan Nightsong

Armed with a lute and a cheerful attitude, Mirelan is not your average necromancer


A handsome and likeable Twilight Elf, with grey eyes, pale bluish skin and dark hair, Mirelan is always ready with a song or a quip and loves to see those around him smile. He is an accomplished lutist and tumbler and dresses in brightly coloured and finely made clothes – favouring greens.

Those who spend some time around him start, however, to notice the hard edges hidden beneath the frills and frippery. This is a man who will choke the life from an enemy and then go back to tuning his lute without a second thought or a single moment of doubt – a disturbing blend of playful whimsy and cold practicality.


Mirelan was raised in the Court of Stars, a mere twig on an unremarkable branch of House Nightsong – an old and respected family of some small influence. From childhood, his love of music and performance drove him and, despite being only of middling talent, his hard work and focus seemed destined to place him on the path to be a renowned entertainer.

That all changed in an instant, however, just after his fiftieth birthday. On that day, all of House Nightsong were summoned to the Court and every youth’s name was placed into an amphora and one drawn forth to fulfil the House’s dark destiny.

Since ancient times, House Nightsong has provided the only Necromancers to the Court of Stars, waiting in readiness against an unnamed threat that can only be countered by the forces of life and death acting in concert. The sacrifice of the House’s members in learning this magic – anathema to most elves – has earnt the Nightsongs great respect (and some pity) from the other noble houses.

Mirelan is the latest member of the House to have his dreams sacrificed for the protection of the People – being sent to Sandport to learn the dark arts at the great Academy there rather than completing his training as a musician.

He has, however, adapted quickly and seems little discomfitted by this change in status – fuelling the rumours that the ‘lottery’ used to select the Nightsong necromancers is less random than one might think.

“Just because a song is dark doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful…”

Mirelan Nightsong

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