City_of_the_Spider_Queen.jpg City of the Spider Queen: Fifteen years ago, a series of Drow raids destroyed the lives of many in the Tapped Hills. Now the Drow have returned and a call has gone out for help. Eona and Mogran are ready to return to their former homeland and with powerful allies at their side, end the Drow threat once and for all.
Tyranny of Dragons: Rezimer is destroyed; her remains a black smudge on the Sky Castle’s icy floor. Now the adventurers have turned their attentions to the other inhabitants of the cloud giant’s keep. One of their number has fallen to a vampire’s bite and lurking in frozen heart lies a great treasure guarded by a white dragon Tyranny_of_Dragons1.jpg

The Sokaran Chronicles are a series of stories and adventures set in a fantasy world ruled by powerful agencies and beset by ancient evils. The history of the world is based on and inspired by a series of campaigns lasting over 30 years, set in the kingdom of New Sokara in the Forgotten Realms.

The Sokaran Chronicles

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