Leosin Erlanthar

Scholar of all things draconic


A middle aged half elf with ink stains upon his fingers. Whilst he is a scholar at heart, he is also dedicated to physical training, his body and mind are well exercised.


Leosin is a servant of Bahamut based out of the citadel of Bastion. He has done a lot of travelling through the years, mainly in pursuit of information regarding dragons.

His recent studies have involved the Black Covenant (or as the majority of people call them, the Cult of the Black Egg). He believes that they have been responsible for a number of raids along the coastal towns for purposes unknown. Following a hunch he travelled to Greenest predicting that a raid would soon hit the town. When it did indeed happen, he allowed himself to be captured in order to find out more about the cult.

He was rescued by Leshanna and her allies when they too tried to infiltrate the raider camp but failed.

Leosin Erlanthar

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