Leith Blackfeather

The wall's amber eyes open and its blade sinks home...


A tall and graceful wood elf, Leith is amber-eyed and copper skinned, with blue-black hair tied in a long braid woven with raven feathers.

He normally dresses in patched leathers and wears a cloak of brown, white and black feathers – which a knowledgeable taxidermist could identify as having been taken from a petyron. A pair of short-swords at his waist and a longbow and quiver strug across his back complete the ensemble.

In town, he can often be seen lounging, feet up, in the closest tavern to the gate – getting quietly drunk while his amber eyes scan the crowd.

Outside of town, the first most see of him is a flashing blade or arrow striking from a clump of grass that you would swear couldn’t hide a rabbit.


Clan Blackfeather dwelt in a series of forested valleys nestled in the great mountain range far to the north of the Court of Stars, moving from one to the next as the seasons and their whims dictated. During a particularly harsh winter, however, an orcish tribe made its way under the mountains and into the forest, falling upon the Clan unawares.

The youngsters, Leith included, were shepherded away by the elders while the warriors fought but the orcs outnumbered them three to one and quickly encircled and overcame the lightly armed and armoured elves. The orcs then gave chase to the fleeing children and elders and would have captured them but for the timely arrival of an Ambassador from the Court of Stars with a sizeable entourage of warriors and wizards who dissuaded but could not destroy the orcs.

Leith and the remainder of Clan Blackfeather were removed to the forests around the Court for their own protection, their ancestral lands left to fester under the feet of the orcish invaders.

The moment he was of age, however, Leith took up swords and bow and made his way home where he has made it his mission to eliminate every single orc from the Blackfeather lands. While the orcs are fecund, Leith’s depredations have led to a steady decline in their numbers and, by day, when they huddle in their caves, the orcs speak of Ghost Elves – little realising that their unseen enemy is a single warrior.

During one of his raids, Leith was forced to take shelter from large orcish warband in a cave and, while he watched the entrance, he was attacked from behind by the drow who used the cave as a staging point for slaving parties – having tracked the orcs through the mountains on their original foray.

Only the timely intervention of the half-elven rogue, Eona, who had infiltrated the drow slavers, saved Leith from spending the remainder of his short life as an entertainment for some drow noble. Since that day, Leith has worked with Eona more often and, through her, has gained interests beyond his revenge – working as a trailblazer for merchant companies seeking new paths through the wilderness. In particular, Leith has good a working relationship with the Gifted Weasel Coster.

Leith Blackfeather

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