A flashy try hard reformed bandit looking for wisdom and fun


With a shock of white hair a cheeky grin and mischievous blue eyes Jack makes an impression, usually with a short sword. He wears tight, leather armour studded with carved animal bones and way too many straps and buckles to be practical (it must take him an hour just to do up the straps). With twin short swords he does cut a dashing, swashbuckling (heavy on the buckles) try hard figure. He looks to be in his early twenties but when he smiles seems more like a five year old getting his first sweet. Disturbingly he has the same smile when he is killing people.


Jack was born the son of a bandit chief and his doxy and grew up with all the moral fortitude that banditry instils in a boy. His whole life has been a mixture of robbing, killing and partying with the loot in various bandit groups throughout the lands. Recently he met an old woodsman who trained him in the ways of the hunt and directed his killer instincts in a more mystical but no less sinister path. Jack has begun to worry that he might not be the paragon of virtue that he always thought and is using a book of wise quotes from the ancient past to try and reform. He has no idea what being ’’good’’ means and is willing to take direction from any source….luckily he has fallen in with a noble and wise bunch of heroes….


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