A lady of many names and talents


Long black hair tied back from her slender face and hanging loose over her shoulders. Thin arched eyebrows frame her almond eyes which combined with her tanned skin give her an almost universal appearance.


Eona grew up on the street, daughter of a hardworking merchant, in the lap of luxury. All true at various points in her life.
From a young age she found advantage in pretence. It gave her access to things otherwise denied by her strict parents and honed the skills she needed to survive on her own.
Her father was a titled landowner but his many success’s drew jealousy from his rivals, one of which plotted his downfall. His lands were overrun by Drow raiding parties and no assistance was forthcoming from their neighbours. Eona’s mother was taken in the raids, presumed dead, leaving her father to get her to safety.
For a few years they lived as paupers as he tried to raise help but was blocked at every turn and eventually died a broken hearted husk of the man he once was. Eona sold the only possession he had to leave her, his signet ring, but lost the few coins she got for it on a bad bet. She had more success making friends and worked steadily towards infiltrating the Drow and finding her mother, or proof of her death.
It took Eona a while to establish herself but luck being on her side she found her alive. Her mother helped with her disguise but was unwilling to escape and remains in the underdark.
Eona lives two lives, one as a Drow merchant and the other as a blade for hire, as she slowly works towards uncovering the identity of those who betrayed her family and townspeople.
Rescuing Leith and reconnecting with Morgran was fortuitous, giving her companions and distractions as she slowly works towards recovering what once was hers.


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